Saturday, March 19, 2011

Error of the Day

I get a great deal of pleasure finding grammatical and spelling errors. Some say this is because I'm arrogant, and that correcting the errors of other people helps to inflate my ego. They are wrong. Correcting errors does not inflate my ego, but posting them on a blog that others will read, does. I am going to try to commit myself to posting "Error of the Day" on a daily basis, which basically means you'll see this type of post turn up like once every two months. Anyhow, courtesy of the menu for Key Pizza in South Philly, here is today's Error of the Day:

What we have here is a Texas Mex burger with "spur cream." That must hurt going down. It seems to be a burger that can help you to channel your inner masochist.

1 comment:

  1. I looked at that for a moment before I realized what was going on. I thought maybe spur cream was some kind of special cream. Then I realized, having lived in the Southwest my whole life, it's much more likely that I would more used to that than someone in Philly. Oops. I just sounds like something you'd find on a menu in Texas.