Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Time...

... when I was in second grade, I was at my friend's birthday party. When I was a kid, it was very popular to have your birthday party at a ceramics shop. Everyone would choose a ceramic and get to paint it however they liked. I chose Bart Simpson and the boy from school who was sitting across from me chose Homer Simpson. I didn't like this particular boy so I chose to dip my paintbrush into the dark brown paint and decorate the back of his Homer statue with brown dots. He did not like this so he dipped his paintbrush in the same brown paint and engaged in some haphazard, freestyle painting on my Bart statue. Then he poked his fingers into his eyelids and cried.

... when I was in pre-kindergarten, I pretended that I worked at a beauty salon and the paintbrushes were people with hair. I gave them "haircuts." The only problem was that this occurred during art class in school. I stayed after class for a special clean-up session that day.

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