Monday, March 14, 2011

What People Are Saying About Daylight Saving on Facebook

The following are posts, from people I don't know, found on various Facebook groups.

"Daylight Savings is in affect, believe or not it is only really 10:46am."

What's not to believe? Daylight Saving happens every year, and 10:46am occurs every single day. The most concerning this about this post is that I suspect this guy may have turned the his clock back, rather than forward. I would think that if the clocks are turned ahead, one would say, "It's already 10:46am!" Lastly, it's "effect," not "affect."

The next few posts were found in a group called: "I HATE Daylight Saving!!!"

"when friends call you late its even later here and that can really give you the shits!"

Who wouldn't experience a bowel flare-up if your friends usually call you at 9:00pm, but during Daylight Saving, they accidentally call at 10:00? Also, it's pretty simple to stick to the same regimen, even in that chaotic, confusing time that we call Daylight Saving: when your clock displays the number nine, a colon, and two zeros, it's time to make that phone call.

"I usually run late for 6 months until it changes back again!"

Six months? Remedy Example: You have an appointment 1pm. The clocks are pushed forward for Daylight Saving. You look at the clock. When it displays the number one, colon, zero, zero, that's the time of your appointment.

"Yess!! Give me back my hour in the mornings!!!"

The letter "S" and the end of "morning" indicates that this lady doesn't realize that after the day we push the clocks ahead, the days are still 24 hours long, not 23.

"It's started. Already it is making me feel sick. I won't be able to sleep tonight, I'll be so scared I won't get up on time tomorrow."

Another bowel flare-up possibly accompanied by vomiting, due to the horror of the Daylight Saving crisis of 2011.

This one belongs to a group entitled: "Daylight Saving Time Stole an Hour of My Life and I Want it Back."

"At 1 am today, it suddenly became 2 am. I personally think this is an outrage."

Actually where you live, at 1am, it was 1am. The clocks don't change until 2:00.

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