Friday, March 4, 2011

I Will Never Get to Marry Jonathon Knight

I just found out that Jonathon Knight, from the New Kids on the Block, is gay. I found this out because a priest that taught at the college where I went for graduate school (Chestnut Hill) was recently released from his teaching position after the college found out that he is gay. An article came out on today about Father St. George being found guilty of mail fraud in 1992. Next to the little picture of Father St. George, there is a little picture of Jonathon Knight with a caption about him "coming out." I was shaking so badly, I could barely click on the link.

I was eight years old when NKOTB became popular. I still remember the exact amount of KNOTB pictures that I had on my bedroom walls-- 132. Although I was dedicated to the entire band, I was a Jonathon Knight fanatic. Every girl had her favorite New Kid, but I couldn't see it any other way-- how could my friends be in love anyone but John? Here's the breakdown of the group:

Jordan-- Too popular. The last thing I ever wanted to do was jump on a bandwagon.
Donnie-- Too much of a bad-ass. I wasn't ready for that type of a negative influence in my life.
Danny-- Looked too much like a monkey.
Joey-- Too young. I was eight and definitely needed someone more mature.

So today I come to find out that Johnathon Knight is gay. Was it ever obvious? Not to me. I have no sense when it comes to identifying a gay man. I thought my now ex-husband was gay before I met him. What's even worse is that the person I thought was his partner turned out to be his brother. Even worse than that, the only one in his group, who I thought was straight, was actually gay.

Now it's official-- I will never get to marry Jonathon Knight. Time to let go, and move on. Sad face.

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  1. being able to laugh at yourself is a huge asset for you in this one. Thanks for allowing us to laugh along with you!