Monday, March 7, 2011

One Time...

... when I was little, my sister threw a cold English muffin at my head. It hit me right in the eye, and for a minute, I couldn't see anything except for a big, grey dot.

... my friends dared me to kick my neighbor's Funkin (sounds worse than it is-- refer to the photo if you don't know). I kicked it, and when I did, I made a huge hole. Since Funkin's are stuffed with leaves, a huge burst of leaves occurred following the impact of my foot. I looked up and my neighbor was standing at his front door, watching me the whole time.

Two Funkins. As you can see, they are like pumpkins, but much more FUN. They were very common Halloween decorations in the good old suburbs of Long Island.

... when I was a kid I got bored in the supermarket with my mom, so I decided to put expensive items into other people's shopping carts when they weren't looking.

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