Sunday, March 6, 2011

This was Supposed to be a Fashion Blog

One time, I wanted this whole blog to be about fashion. So far I have written zero posts about fashion, unless you count the one about my new sneakers which allowed me to jump from my house to Dunkin Donuts without touching the ground in between.

So what does a non-fashion blogger wear? Well you are in for a treat because I'm about to give you a description of my current look. Think of this as the pre-show to the Academy Awards, only better:

Sleek Pittsburgh, PA t-shirt in midnight black. Against the black is shocking contrast of a vanilla-white print of a skull with wings coming out of the temples of it's forehead. The word "slacker" is ever-so-delicately inscribed underneath the collar in a classic print, not unlike the Edwardian Script ITC font on Microsoft Word 2002.

Cheerful cotton candy pink pajama pants with missing drawstring. The couture reindeer-polka-dot-snowflake print demonstrates unparalleled attention to detail. The frayed bottoms are both classy and reminiscent of mid 90s grunge trends, making them a nostalgic choice for those who grew up listening to Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots.

Purchased at Target, these have been constructed of a soft material, most likely a cashmere-like wool obtained from the coat of a Tibetan Mountain Goat. Unique embroidery of a bright green parrot with turquoise tail on either side of the ankle.

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